General Section


Active: Search actively for visitors.

Preview mode: Search is visible only by preview URI.

Open items in a new tab

All links to search results will open as a new tab

Show at the bottom of the search drop a link to the search results page

This will offer to show a link to the default WordPress search results. this link will be shown at the bottom of the search results layout.

Maximum results limit

Allow to show up to 150 posts in the results layout.

Show categories list on search results layout

Show categories list based on search term.

Maximum categories results limit

Allow to show up to 30 categories in the results layout.

Search drop layout

Choose how the search will show:

1. Modal layout: full-page popup

2. Simple layout: a small dropdown sticky to search the input field.

Show popularly searched terms

Allow to show, the top search terms by visitors.

Allow push search data to GTM (DataLayer)

GTM main code is required to be installed on the website. This feature uses to push DataLayer events,

e.g: select_promotion, add_to_cart, view_promotion, search

Order items by – Chose the order of the items on the search results layout

Choose how you want to sort the search results:

Automatic: by post-publish date

Most clicked items: Top clicked items from search results

Best sellers from search results: Top purchased items from search results

Most added to cart from search results: Top added items to cart from search results